Mashrabiya Collection

The reinterpretation of the mashrabiya is the most visibly inspired by Pérola’s stint in Dubai.  This decorative element of Arab architecture, in use from Middle Age until mid 20th century, allows for privacy, protecting intimacy in indoor spaces. This collection, featuring 3 lines, mirrors the careful choice of materials which have brought the designer’s work to life. Each line - all of Arab inspiration - represents different women, all unique, but with something in common: elegance. 


amma line vertical.jpg


Amma is the most feminine line in all the collection. It is simple and elegant and features three pieces in 9 carat yellow gold and chalcedonies. Pink chalcedonies translate peace and calm and are the perfect choice for a woman seeking delicacy and inner well-being. Ideal for a light, relaxed look. 

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This is the perfect jewellery piece for the everyday life of demanding cosmopolitan women. The Zoya line features six pieces in yellow gold with white and green Swarovski zircon, princess cut. It is the boldest line in the collection, thought for a more exuberant, sophisticated woman. 

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The Yasmine Line is strongly influenced by the mashrabiya and features seven 9 carat pink gold pieces combined with details in mother-of-pearl and zircons. They are perfect for a romantic, ultra-feminine woman. Ideal for festive moments, versatile as part of a bolder look.  

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Amulet Collection

Pérola believes in the symbolism of the shapes and in the importance of amulets. This collection features several lines in which the choice of the stones and the design of the shape gain significance, bringing luck and protecting those who wear it.


Inspired by the power of the signs, Pérola Jewellery presents the Zodiac Line. Delicate pieces featuring minimal design and with great symbolic value. The line couples yellow gold and malachite, thus strengthening self-esteem and individual commitment. It helps strengthen relational skills and is perfect for everyday wear. 

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